An exciting collaboration with boutique composer agency Pusher and 12 of their artists, experimenting with how StyleGAN MTV can be used as part of the input into the composition process. We teamed up with artists who responded to the visual palletes of previous videos to compose new pieces expressly to be fed into StyleGAN MTV. We then worked with artists to find the right way to get the machine to respond to their work, and ultimately render their final vision in ultra high definition.

Obscura represents a step forward in learning how AI can be used for creativity as an exploratory and inspirational tool, and understanding the new and rapidly changing world of artistry that we find ourselves in.

Featuring the work of the following artists:

  • Calvin Markus - Flight Across a Post-Human (feat. Morgan Paros)
  • Ted Regklis - Eidolon
  • Boxsta - Dark Matter vs The Light
  • Vito Gatto - Sospensione_uno 
  • Rootmagik - Of My Imagination 
  • Superhuman - Utopia 
  • Ursine Vulpine - Arise 
  • Kole Butler - Reflections of the Future 
  • Chris Roe - Unfurl 
  • Helen Money & Will Thomas - Mirror 
  • Human Origin - Artificial Language 
  • PYUR - Cycles

Check out the full YouTube playlist below! For those that prefer Vimeo, find the showcase here.

Special thanks to Alex Price at Pusher for envisioning and fostering this awesome partnership!

© Scholastic Rodent, LLC 2022
© Scholastic Rodent, LLC 2022